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“I had shoulder length hair and one day it started to break at the roots in patches. It got so bad I was afraid to comb it. Whenever I combed it , it sounded like walking on dry grass. I got every oil and tried it. After a month l was doing the comb over with three patches. I went in for an appointment at the hair club for women and was told I have Alopecia and my hair would never grow back. They could do surgery and if it didn't work they would make me custom wigs. I was already wearing wigs and wanted to get them off my head, not get them custom made. A friend told me about Dr Dodd, a naturopathic doc. I went to him for over six months. He treated me successfully for several issues but the hair would not come back. Good doc because he's not afraid to say when something isn't working. By this time I had gotten my head shaved clean as I could no longer do a comb over. Dr Dodd said he had tried everything from the inside and it's not working so I should go see this lady, Elaine - he gave me her card, and if she can't help no one can.  I called her as soon as I got home, around 8pm, she told me to come right away. After a month I had about two inches of growth and the bald areas had grown in nicely except for a few stubborn spots. I could work with a few stubborn spots compared to a bald head. Within three months everything was back and soft and healthy. I could comb it in two without pins. I could also get rid of the store of oils, botanicals, WEN, leave in conditioners, etc that I had collected during this ordeal trying to help myself but making things worst. I thank God for Elaine, without her I would be walking around bald and depressed. She treated my hair twice a month and the products she gave me, I used as instructed. A woman's hair is her glory! Cutting it or shaving it into a style is fine but not losing it. Today I have shoulder length hair, no spot. 
I would recommend Elaine to anyone. She is that good! Thank God for her and the gift He has given her. She continues to use it well."

- HW

“I have recommended many of my friends and family and have heard nothing but good reports, and l will continue to be one of Elaine's very satisfied customers."


“[Elaine] provides top quality and is both a flexible and reliable hair stylist who is available every time I call. I trust her completely when she suggests a new style or treatment options."

- MC

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